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About Us

EGToys USA: We are delighted that you stopped by to see us and our Evergreen Outdoor toys.

The USA team are teachers, builders, creative types who caught the vision of "getting little people outside to play all year round" from our wonderful friends at EGToys, UK.  Not to forget our 9 year old field tester!


A Note About Our Mud Kitchens

We never apply toxic chemical preservatives.

Little hands and mouths get involved in play with these toys. Instead, we use pressure treated woods and Western Red Cedar, some of the most durable woods available for year-round play.

Softwoods vary in color and grain.

These are rustic toys designed to be pummeled with dirt, rocks, mud and anything else. Durability is key, and there will be variations in appearance.

Accessories will be based on availability.

There are differences between what is available in Europe and here in the US. At times, accessories will become unavailable and we have to substitute. We will always include bowls, containers and utensils: some will look a bit different than what is pictured. We work very hard to find good quality pieces regardless.

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